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Most Disliked

So with the release of the Ghostbusters reboot come the 2nd most disliked video on Youtube. The trailer. I have seen worse trailers and i have seen better trailers. It probably doesn't deserve the title 2nd most disliked youtube video, but any publicity is good publicity. It still has 40,000,000 views, so there has been a fair amount of dislike, but, it has been watched. Its clear that its reception isn't liked partly because of the the all female cast. A tampering with the sacred formula, taking away the classic bromancing has upset some die hard fans and some old fashioned misogamists. And an almost conscious effort to dislike the trailer purely because its funny to dislike it, the momentum of dislike carry like a disenfranchised flood.

Give it a couple of years and another Ghostbusters reboot will probably emerge its head , maybe the crazy notion of a mixed group of ghost busters, male and female. The reboot, sequel, prequel, origins and whatever else they spin it as seems to now be firmly root in hollywoods pyshe. With films like Jumanji, Mementom, Mary Poppins, Logan's Run to name just the tip of the reboot iceberg. Maybe Ghostbusters mantle of 2nd place isn't as secure as one might think.

Whatever the reasons for the strong dislike I am now attached to the history of the 2nd most disliked youtube video. So here it is. Enjoy, or don't enjoy, like or dislike.

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